Bad programmer attitude!

Note! This blogpost is not directed to any specific person but all the persons that
creates this attitude. And, yes, my attitude could of course be better. We all can improve there.

Yesterday I read this blog post where the following was said:

I’m a lazy slob – which is another way of saying that I’m a programmer.

Normally I don’t get upset by this kind of rallying, ironical parlance and it’s kind of an old statement… But WTF. I just couldn’t get passed those lines. Do you really think we programmers are lazy and slobs? I shure hope not and if you do, please look back at the incidents that has lead you to this conclusion. That person that brought you that feeling of lazy programmers, is that person perhaps this by nature? Isn’t this something lying in the human nature and not based on occupation or society? I mean, maybe he or she is this in more than just his or hers occupation? I guess so? Probably not pulling of the hours at home. Dodging bullets here and there. If that person is acting like this in his or hers proffesional occupation and you are the manager…. Sack them! They don’t deserve the job even if they are famous and has a great influence on the community. Especially then, since this is the people that youngsters and others should look up to. Let them go and find their real call in life.


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